7 Simple Strategies to Perfect Your Life, Leadership & Legacy



With Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth

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Why You Need This Webinar:


    1. As a leader you are constantly devoting time to others and often times neglect your needs.
    2. You wish there was more time in a day... EVERY DAY! 
    3. You are often times ending your day feeling overwhelmed and feel there just has to be MORE to this thing called life. 
    4. You want to bring your talents and gifts to your job in a way that best showcases your awesomeness!
    5. You want to influence your team in a way that makes them BETTER. 
    6. You know that there is greatness within you that the WORLD deserves... you just need to bring it out.
    7. You want .... MORE. 

What You'll Learn on the Live Webinar:

  1. Discover the truth about why almost all of the leaders today secretly feel lost, abandoned and ill equipped to deal with the stress of today
  2. Why 'momentum' is one of the most important principles for having a productive day (and what you can do to generate more momentum whenever you need it).
  3. Step-by-step strategies you can implement in your life for immediate results!
  4. How to strategically take the RIGHT steps to enhance your life, propel your leadership and create a beautiful legacy.
  5. How to "show up and show out" in EVERY aspect of your life... 

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