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In 90 Minutes, Take Your Life, and Leadership to the Next Level!

Look No Further... You're In The Right Place

Are you a brilliant minded leader with a gift for the world, and you know that you aren’t fully using it?

Are others amazed with what you’ve produced, but in your heart you know that you can do more?

Are you so consumed with the needs of others that you don’t have time to honor the desires of your heart?

TRUST, we understand that sometimes life gets so hectic that you can’t hear your own thoughts.

Your creativity is drowned out by the obligations of yesterday, and tomorrow.

HOWEVER, it's a new day!

This Masterclass will Teach you:


How to Assess and Access Your Power

Gain an accurate measurement of power in your life, and leadership. Knowing the major influences, you will immediately see a shift.


How to Identify The Voice You Truly Desire... and Plan For It!

In addition to the work you've done during the Masterclass, walk away equipped with clarity on your next best step{s}. 


How to Understand the Journey of Your Voice

It's important to understand that your voice has had a journey of it's own. It's been silenced, nurtured, dismissed and cherished among other things. Discover how knowing this will set you up for future success.


How to Better Engage with Your Colleagues, and Team

Being a leader is far from easy, however learning the catch and release strategy will enable you to be better aware of how mindset influences your perceptions, and reactions within your conversations. 

Does this sound like what you've been looking for?  Don't waste any more time ignoring the voice that you know lives inside of you, and will take you to new heights in your life, and leadership!

This  Is For You If You Want To Learn:

How to Speak with Clarity, and be Heard – The First Time.

Whether leading your team with a new project, speaking before a new audience or speaking to friends and family you desire to use your authentic voice at all times. Knowing the factors hindering you from speaking with clarity will surely free up your real voice!

We are waiting to hear what you  really have to say!

How to Reduce Overwhelm, and Go with the Create Your Flow

Having a clearer picture for your life, and leadership allows you to know what is and what is not in alignment with the desires of your heart. Connecting to your desires, and giving them new meaning you will learn the art of saying no, and creating the reality you want.

You deserve to experience life with ease and flow.

How to Identify what Hinders You From Fully "Showing Up"

Often times you have excelled scholastically and professionally so much so that you haven't had to "do the real work," to find out what it takes for you to truly soar. Learn the who, what, when, where and how that have stopped you in the past.

Release what was, accept what is and prepare for what will be!

Learn to Celebrate Your Unique Voice

Let go of the lessons learned from cut and paste style leadership trainings where you are taught to regurgitate the voice of your predecessors. Instead, let's find what feels good to you, and empower you to confidently let it out. 

Your creative genius is one of a kind, bring it!

All this can be yours, right now, for $97 ($197 after early bird special) ! It's time to take action now and transform how effective your leadership impact can be & how your creative genius can shine!

     BONUSES to Ensure Your Success:

  • Post-Training Q & A Session with DrAMS 

  • 15 Min 1:1 Discover Your Power & Make it Stick Call with DrAMS (must be used within 30 days of Masterclass)

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Power Planning Framework - Guide to TAP IN to the Power Within

  • Digital Download of Training for Future Use

  • Digital Download of Training Manual for Future Use

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