Take the Stress Away... Empower Your Leadership  with a Clear Vision Today!

Tired of Not Having The Impact You Desire?

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    You've answered the call to leadership BUT you no longer enjoy it - it feels like work.
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    You wonder when you will reach your limit too as you know 5 leaders who've had strokes in the last 5 years.
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    However, you know that there's a reason you're in the driver's seat AND you know that you can make some magic happen - you just need some support.
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    Hey Hey! I am Dr. Angela M. Shuttlesworth and consider yourself being put on notice that I am here to give you what you need...  a safe space for you to take off your cape for a second.
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    Now is the time for you to slow down and breathe... gather your thoughts and hit the reset button.
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    Alongside other leaders who understand the unique needs of managing teams in 2021, you will see that you are not alone. These times are not easy, but they can definitely be easier with a clear leadership vision.   

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    A clear vision and actionable plan that is not only sincere but passion and intention driven will take you further than you could ever imagine. Let's set one today. 
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Ready to make your day to day EASIER?
Let's hit the reset button & create the leadership you actually want! 

There are the Top Six Components of a Great Leadership Vision Board ... Let's see how you measure up! After a honest assessment you should be able to identify your: 

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP AWARENESS - What makes your approach unique? What allows you to truly connect and engage your team in a way that they trust your instruction and move swiftly to bring it to fruition? 

  2. 2. DESIRED IMPACT - What is the circle of influence that you are creating for others? 

    3. ACTIONABLE PLAN - How you will actualize your desired impact (e.g. projects, products, etc.)? 

  3. 4. GUIDING GOALS - Who are you following (actual person who sets the example for you? How do you want to experience your leadership?  Who are you partnered with to bring this vision to fruition? 

  4. 5. CONSISTENT METHOD OF CHOICE - With your previous barriers in mind, what do you need to overcome them? What is the secret sauce that gets you going and keeps you in motion?

  5. 6. PASSIONATE THEME - Knowing you need to be connected from your soul, you want to immediately be moved when you see your leadership vision board. It needs to move you in a way that you honor and respect. 

And other unique features like a powerful mantra, colors that inspire you, and more... 

FYI - Although these things are necessary, most leaders do not indulge in this kind of planning! Because we tend to care about others to the point where we neglect our own needs, your vision is no different. For example, we complete strategic plans for our business every year - when is the last time you've created one for you? Don't beat yourself up for what you haven't done. Let's do something different and make 2018 your best year ever!

What in the world does a Leadership Vision Board look like?
Here is a sneak peak of mine from 2018.  

Are you excited just seeing mine? Imagine how it will feel when we can see what your leadership vision looks like

  • Lucky for you, your 1:1 time is based around your schedule and held via Zoom (an online webinar/conference tool). 

  • Once your payment is complete you will receive easy instructions to schedule your time and begin your journey to creating the life and leadership that you desire and deserve.  

  • Are you ready?

Are you wondering what you will receive and how  are we going to make this happen? 

In your 1:1 Virtual Leadership Vision Board Party you will discover:

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    What’s holding you back from having the impact you truly desire,
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      What BIG goals do you truly want to set (the one's you're scared to say out loud),
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        What do you NEED to make it happen (it’s often times not what you think),
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        What is the clear impact that you desire to make with your team (and even the world),
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        Who inspires you into action to make it happen? (just seeing their face gets you moving)
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        What specific action do you need to take to Make It Happen As Your Own Captain?
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        How you can accomplish everything with what you have right now?
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        What specific action do you need to take to Make It Happen As Your Own Captain?
      • Receive the energetic and strategic guidance you need to answer each of these questions.

      As for Our How.... 

      • Answer the hard questions that will create ease and flow in your leadership. 
      • Create a visual that will provide you the ongoing inspiration you need to truly accomplish your goals. A copy of my visual board is HERE.
      • Access a step-by-step proven process to accomplish your BIG Goal alongside a vibrant guide to support you on this journey.
      • Identify your next best steps to make this vision a reality.
      • Access recordings of both sessions to use at your convenience.
      • (1) 30 Min Apply Your Vision Boost Coaching Call  ($425 value)! There are a limited number of spaces so be sure to sign up now by clicking HERE!

      Make the Decision Today... Your Vision is Worth It! 


      There's nothing more to think about.... If you've gotten this far, it's clear that this is for you! 

      With your clear plan it will make life easier... if it's not in alignment with YOUR vision, then the answer is no or not right now... it's that simple.

      Now, that is freedom!

      We know your time is valuable, so we provided a few frequently asked questions to help you seal the deal. I don't think you need them... but just in case you do, check them out below.  

      First thing's first... I guarantee your results!  

      100% Satisfaction Guarantee

      Empowerment is not just being or feeling excited. It's being moved into action. TRUST me when I say that you will be more than satisfied! And that is why I offer a 100% GUARANTEE. If at the end of our live call, you've completed the process and you don't feel that your vision is clearer than when we began.... you can receive a no questions asked refund.

      Yes, I believe in it just that much AND I know it's impossible for you not to be prepared after our call ends. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      When Is It Being Held?

      Are Our Sessions Recorded?

      How Much Does It Cost?

      Does Where I Work Matter?

      P.S.: I know that you are busy and life will sometimes get in the way. Let's do something different today! Put your needs first and let's create the vision that you need to change your reality. As with all things, it works if you work it - so sign up now and let your journey begin!

      Also, I am sure that you desire the Leadership Vision Boost Coaching Call so sign up now as space is limited. 

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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