Discover Your Power Masterclass




This Masterclass is immediately delivered to your email after purchase, and you will receive:

* A 90 Minute transformational session with power strategies that you can use over and over again.
* Engaging downloadable workbook to support you on your journey (for now & later)
* A private facebook group to join other leaders who are also doing this work – #TeamSafeZone
* Strategies on how to remove the negative self talk that arrises when the going gets tough.
* Question & Answer Period with DrAMS
* Laser Coaching Period – Strategic support around issues that you are having in discovering your power

Part #1 – Assess how you currently define and rate your power, and use of
your voice. Let’s acknowledge your current reality.
Part #2 – Review major influences on your voice. Mindset, mindset and more
mindset … and of course some other things too!
Part #3 – Identify the journey of your voice  Let’s acknowledge and accept your truth.
Part #4 – Identify the voice that you desire … and plan for it! Preparation for now and
later is key!
Part #5 – Let’s equip you with tools to ensure your voice’s success!You deserve you
at your best.

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