About Us

Be.Lead.Grow. is a consulting firm that offers strategies and support to prevent and heal toxic work environments.

We equip corporations with the tools and resources needed to create safe spaces for your team members and leaders to thrive, which has an impact on profit, performance and power.  We offer a range of services such as strategic planning, program and product (re)design, training and development, creative empowerment and overall organizational development services for businesses and organizations.

     Our Vision 

To creatively facilitate the healing process for the world by creating and implementing strategies that are easily adaptable by businesses and agencies as they develop product and services that ultimately impact the well-being of their consumers and foster environments for their staff to thrive.

   Our Mission

To provide effective services for businesses and agencies by developing strategic plans and enhancing service delivery utilizing creative empowerment and fostering reciprocal relationships within the communities they serve.

What We Believe

It is our belief that having a healthy working environment alongside a holistic approach to business practice creates an enjoyable and beneficial experience for both the business and the client. Strategic planning and product development activities that incorporate and honor the experience of the client add to the business’ ability to improve their profit, performance and power.

Guiding Principle

The Afrikan philosophy of “Ubuntu” which translates to, “I am because WE are,” is the guiding force behind our business. We understand the importance of reciprocal relationships and a healthy level of interdependence within businesses, government and community agencies and the members of the communities that they serve. It is a not-so-secret ingredient that adds to a tasteful co-existence as we journey to a state of thriving with those we serve.

Who We Are

Our Team is comprised of expert consultants who have formal education, training and have demonstrated leadership within their areas of expertise and communities. Our multidisciplinary team consists of experts from the fields of Business, Communication, Education, Public Administration, Public Health, Social Work and other Social Sciences alongside Community Organizing professionals.

What Makes Us Unique

Our CEO created this business with the belief that a humanistic social work approach applied to business practices is a method to change the world. Beginning with businesses we desire to restructure the way that we engage and interact by creating HEALTHY strategies that heal from the inside (with the handling of systematic operations and treatment of your staff) out (to your clients). Some people don’t understand our approach and why we use the word “HEALTHY” within most of our strategies and approaches; however, HEALTH is much more than just eating your fruits and vegetables alongside a little bit of passion. To find out how we’ve redefined what is considered “healthy”, JOIN our mailing list and receive our free Healthy Workplace Starter Kit to assess the health status of your business or agency.

Where Do We Provide Services

We are equipped and ready to provide services wherever you are.

What Is Our Approach

We believe that every business goes through an evolution process and has unique needs. We begin by first assessing the needs of your agency we then develop a plan and then identify strategies of how we would assist your agency alongside where your agency falls our “Journey of Discovery to Thriving” spectrum (pictured below). We then tailor services to meet your businesses’ needs in a creative and energetic yet effective way.