Discover the Missing Components to Your Wellness Program to Help Your Team Tap into Their Peak Performance during Times of Uncertainty

Although your workplace has naturally dealt with crisis and change year after year, the level of uncertainty that you’re handling makes it feel almost impossible to manage. As we continue to support organizations around the globe, we have noticed that although workplace wellness initiatives are being created, they are limited in their scope and do not account for one major component – HUMAN BEING-ness.

What We Know to Be True

Leaders and staff are equally overwhelmed.

The speed at which new and old concerns are being addressed leaves everyone questioning their ability to perform effectively.

Leadership teams are exhausted

even with a passionate desire to do the work.
caring for others is commonplace for leaders and the default is to use avoidance or guilt to set priorities. Leaders need to be refueled and normalize putting their needs as a priority.

Leaders are numb to both internal and external pain

Consciously or unconsciously, leaders are being forced to either minimize or ignore pain when it rears its head due to limited emotional and mental capacity.

Many leaders feel hopeless

After enduring and overcoming issues outside of their control, it is normal for leaders to question, “if I couldn’t control THAT, then how can I control this.” It’s important to reignite their view of what is possible, and what is truly within their control.
While these truths exist, what also exists is a solution! AND you can approach each of these in a HEALTHY Way!
To support leadership teams, we have developed the Workplace Well-Being Blueprint to intentionally equip your team with tools and strategies to reignite them and position them to WIN!


We have packaged a suite of training solutions, resources, and support for your team to shift into the post-pandemic workplace, but to also excel personally and professionally.

This transformational experience focuses on

How to effectively lead

How to be aware of their holistic experience

How to be aware of and combat compassion fatigue

How to build a community

Included in the Workplace Wellbeing Blueprint are

Investment: $25,000

1. Four, 60-minute workshops

Intentionally designed to present strategies that leaders can immediately employ with the resources that they already have which are:
a. 7 Keys to Effectively Leading in the Time of a Storm
b. Understanding & Combatting Compassion Fatigue – How It Can Save Your Life & Career
c. We Are Not Robots: How to Use Emotion as a Tool Versus a Hindrance in the Workplace
d. Ten Building Blocks to Creating TRUE Community in the Workplace

2. Action Sheet

Each worksheet comes with a customized downloadable guide to document the lessons learned and identify action steps post-workshop experience

3. Pre & Post Experience Surveys

To properly gauge the impact of this program we will coordinate with your team to provide pre-and-post experience survey questions to ensure objectives are met.

4. BONUS: Four “Make It Stick Sessions”

Tailored to each of the identified workshops, these 30-Minute sessions are used to discuss operationalizing the concepts and a rich Question & Answer period within 20-30 days of each workshop.

5. BONUS: On-Demand Access to Masterclass

Knowing that a major portion of bringing these concepts to life is confidence and personal application, we are providing access to our (re)Discover Your Power by (re)Discovering Your Voice Masterclass

Investment & Timing

This package is designed to meet the immediate needs of your team. The contracted price for these services is valued at $75,500. In alignment with our mission to positively shift the trajectory of humanity, we are offering a special discounted rate for organizations to make this professional and personal development easily accessible. Intentionally designed to support leaders going into this holiday season, we encourage organizations to have one of their four trainings prior to the end of this year. The following workshops can take place within quarter one of the new year (January to March of 2022).

The Four Chosen Workshops Are

1. 7 Keys to Effectively Leading in the Time of a Storm

a. Review of Effective Leadership Requirements by discovering Solid Leadership Foundational Skills and Core Leadership Responses
b. H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. ™ Approach to Supporting Your Team and maintaining your sanity
c. 3 Ways to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Shifts
d. Identifying and Engaging the Support Team that You NEED During Storms

2. Understanding & Combatting Compassion Fatigue - How It Can Save Your Life & Career

a. Recognize how compassion fatigue is impacting your organization, personal life, and career
b. Outline how to align your personal mission and vision to that of your organization, and
c. Learn a strategy for ongoing clarity and a clear path to reduce overwhelm

3. We Are Not Robots: How to Use Emotion as a Tool Versus a Hindrance in the Workplace

a. Barriers to Authenticity in Professional Settings… and Life
b. Taking Ownership of Your Experience Using Emotional Intelligence
c. Create a Pathway to Acceptance of Self and Others

4. Ten Building Blocks to Creating TRUE Community in the Workplace

a. Assess Your Team’s Ability to Effectively Engages
b. Create a Space where Effective, Open, Honest, and Transparent Communication Can Co-Exist
c. Identify How to Create and Utilize a People-First Approach
d. Reflection Activities to Teach Leaders how to Manage what Personally Occurs when Navigating this Shift into True Community

BONUS Masterclass - Discover Your Power by (re)Discovering Your Voice

1. Identify How to (re)Define Power & Voice
2. Discover How to (re)Identify the Journey of Your Voice
3. Develop and (re)Define Your Power-FULL Voice Plan

Workplace Truths

85% of the global workforce doesn’t feel actively engaged.
– Linchpin SEO
Workplace Wellness programs are big business, and they may not work.
– Washington Post
While traditional Workplace Wellness programs have seen an increase in participation and have yielded financial returns, solely focusing on medical metrics limits the organization’s impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does This Take to Implement

The time it takes to complete all four workshops is contingent upon your ability to dedicate the time! We are able to do each workshop separately and or you can combine them as your team needs.

What Level of Leadership is Appropriate for This Program

These trainings have been successful for senior leadership and middle management. For seasoned leaders, these workshops provide an opportunity to unlearn toxic leadership practices that negatively impact team dynamics. For middle managers it provides insight into non-traditional approaches that will empower them to own their leadership role and positively engage their team, while strengthening their connection to senior leadership as well.

When Should We Get Started
NOW! As your team prepares to engage in the stress and joy of the holiday season, these strategies will help them navigate and co-create their new reality. Whether continuing to work in a remote, hybrid or in-person environment, there are tools that would enhance the engagement and ensure that staff are able to be present to their new normal versus being overwhelmed by it.
How Do We Get Started
Email us at to state your interest and schedule your onboarding call. We will help you access the calendar where you can easily schedule your workshops and “Make it Stick” sessions.
How Do We Pay
We are prepared to take your payments via a P-Card/Credit Card or via your internal invoice process. Half of the payment must be made prior to scheduling your first workshop experience.
Can We Schedule More than One Training at a Time
Sure! While some organizations may choose this to be a “Lunch & Learn” series, others may desire to combine them into a half day experience for their team. Either way, we are here to support you in designing an experience that works for your team.

Guaranteeing You a Return on Your Expectations

Our guarantee is to exceed your expectations related ???? Who decides what is guaranteed and how is it measured….


Webinar – Scheduled Call with DrAMS to See if the Workplace Wellness Blueprint is A Great Call for Your Leadership Team in the Q1 of 2022 (and for a few that move quickly being supported before the holiday)
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