About DrAMS

As a Social Worker by training and most of all heart DrAMS has served in the capacities of Counselor, Utilization Management Coordinator, Educator, Trainer, Auditor and Director of Organizational Development for the District of Columbia’s Department of Behavioral Health. After four years of service she accepted an Assistant Professor position at Norfolk State University where she continued teaching courses including but not limited to Human Behavior in Social Environments and Family Therapy. Prior to this time she served as an Adjunct Professor to Georgia State University and Catholic University of America.

Her unique combination of expertise, research and experience produces a perspective like none-other! She is a strategist with the biggest heart that you will ever meet. If you want to understand the layers behind the layers and under those layers that are connected to the layers that no one sees, she is the strategist for you! She is dedicated to creating safe spaces for people to do their heart work, remove barriers and thrive while operating in their genius zone. By equipping leaders to move from communicating to connecting to engaging she is surely an asset to the professional world.

I’ve taken a leap from trees so surely I could take a leap and trust that my genius will ALWAYS make room for me!


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Be.Lead.Grow is a response to two major shifts that occurred in August of 2016. During that time DrAMS made the courageous choice to take a year-long journey to experience the world as a wanderer, seeker and creator. She joined a program and chose to seek out leadership strategies and strategists around the globe.  Through these new partnerships she is determined to create reciprocal relationships that will benefit workplaces and enhance experience for people around the world.

While taking this leap DrAMS was asked many questions! At the core, many were rooted in fear. She wanted to provide a platform inclusive of programs for leaders to go on journeys of self discovery in a safe space that would enable them to be their best selves. From a place of empowerment and acknowledgement of their genius they would then be able to “Show Up & Show Out!”

This effort is to create a spirit of freedom where leaders are actually leading in a holistic manner and their impact is evident in all that they do. Through Be.Lead.Grow. leaders are being equipped to mix the personal and professional development. Although we may perform as though we are Super (Wo)Man, we want to have the skills to truly tap in so that we don’t prematurely tap out.

My Journey Around the World – Living a BIG Life

After quitting her job without a plan, DrAMS made the decision to make one of her BIG goals happen. She traveled around the world for 9 months, living in Czech Republic and Chiang Mai Thailand for three months, and also living in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi. During this time she was able to learn and grow tremendously thanks to the exposure to other cultures and the opportunities that presented themselves. Thankfully she chose to show up and show out, and was given the honor of being published in an international magazine while also presenting at an international conference. Through these experiences she was able to network and ultimately bring her expertise back to the United States to serve organizations in a new way.

Ten Fun Facts About DrAMS ~ She:


  • Believes that music is her savior and its why she is the first one on the dance floor and the last one to leave
  • Believes that people are doing the best they can with what they have
  • Believes that most businesses miss the mark because they have a culture of FEAR
  • Believes that healthy families equal healthy communities
  • Believes that being a global citizen is the best way to live
  • Believes that people and environments can change
  • Believes that cooking and washing dishes are relaxing and intimate
  • Believes that the best place on earth is always next to a beach with the one you love
  • Believes that our words (thought or spoken) are our most powerful wealth or weapon
  • Believes that relationships matter so we should work to nurture them as they evolve
  • BONUS: Believes that FREEDOM is the best medicine of all.

I had the power to be the pilot as I created the life I desired and deserved!