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The last decade has proven that diversity, equity, and inclusion, are just as much a part of a corporation’s health as it’s profit and loss statement.
Let’s set you up for H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. position in both!
According to the Buffet National Wellness Survey, organizations with highly effective health, productivity, and diversity programs report 11% higher revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days absent per employee per year, and 28% greater shareholder returns. There have been some major shifts in the world this year and as corporate leaders we have two choices. We can either lead or we can follow. Reading recommended workplace wellness and diversity books is a step in the right direction but falls woefully short of creating change without execution.
It all starts with you.


A must attend workplace wellness event that combines both personal and professional development so that leaders are equipped and empowered to create lasting positive organizational change and performance.

December 17, 2020

“I have been on work retreats before and I can truly say that this retreat was not at all what I expected. Dr. AMS was engaging and she did her research on what we did on a daily basis, some of the terminology we used and our program’s mission. She brought out all of the good parts and we left out of there feeling invigorated and ready to take on the challenges that are thrown at us. Such the antithesis of what I’ve experienced in the past.”

-Angela D. Smith

Small Business Development Specialist II Palm Beach County
Limited Capacity

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Virtual (Wherever You Are)


December 17TH – 9AM – 2PM EST
THIS IS NOT just another personal development event.
While individual leadership characteristics play a very vital role in the success of an organization, we will be looking at your specific strengths in terms of how they apply to your organization’s culture for the most impact and productivity.
THIS IS NOT just another organizational development event.

According to a recent Fortune survey only 7% of CEOs believe that their companies are building effective global leaders, and just 10% believe their leadership development initiatives have a clear business impact.

When you take this into consideration against the fact that US companies are spending 160 billion dollars on employee training and education, you have to wonder where the breakdown is.

Our Healthy Leader Inclusion Assessment will provide a specific roadmap on what next steps should be for any deficiencies discovered.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.” ~Dr. Eric Thomas
Organizations Choosing to Create Change Via HEALTHY Leadership
Sponsors Investing in Our Leaders Who are Transforming Our Organizations and Communities
Retreat Agenda

Session 1

Personal Truths That Impact The Collective Reality In this session participants will take the DISC Assessment, the leading behavioral assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Marston. The Work of Leaders Report and Healthy Inclusion Assessment covered in this session will allow them to examine the organization’s vision, alignment, and execution so that an action plan that incorporates overall strengths and weaknesses can be created.

Session 2

Solution Focused vs Stinking Thinking Participants will develop an increased awareness of their negative self-talk They will identify the impact it has on their productivity and the work environment.

Session 3

The 10 Commandments of Building Community Community building is a vital part of organizational growth and development. During our current trying and turbulent times, this is a critical element in building empathy and connectedness that will increase the sustainability of a healthy workplace culture.

Session 4

The Journey to Equity During this executive round table, we will cover 21 Reasons Why Most Inclusion Projects Fail And How To Avoid Them. In a confidential safe space, participants will discuss the efforts their organizations have already tried and receive innovative solutions from their colleagues. They will review items and receive a roadmap in order to assess where they might have dropped the ball and what can be done differently.

Session 5

The Intersectionality of Trauma A lack of coping skills in dealing with trauma influences many other areas of life. Your organization may not be able prevent what team members have experienced. But if your leadership is equipped with the tools for effective communication, they will have a deeper awareness of who they are and how to better engage with different types of people and behaviors.

Session 6

FINAL WRAP UP In this session participants will check in and confirm what specific solutions they plan to build on and what their next steps will be.
“Dr. Shuttlesworth brings a unique style to the table. I appreciated the questions that she asked, which helped to customize our session. Since we were a blend of newer and more seasoned board members, she first facilitated a discussion that helped us to get to know one another better, and then we moved into the diversity discussion. I have never seen our board members so forthcoming, a testament to Dr. Shuttleworth’s ability to create a safe place for people to share. Her “HEALTHY” strategy is the perfect tool to create an easy-to-remember, executable plan. I highly recommend Dr. Shuttlesworth to any team looking to roll their sleeves up and get to work on becoming a more “woke” organization.”

Mary Hart

Executive Director – Dress For Success
Limited Capacity

You and your organization deserve to experience what is on the other side of creating change. Pursuing equity won’t always be easy, but it will surely always be worth it.

NO MORE information without transformation. NO MORE vague theory without personal application. NO MORE inclusion and diversity practices that are standard operating procedures on paper and nowhere else. As the members of your organization are having to focus on their responsibilities both at home and at work, the media is constantly reminding them about police brutality, racial injustice, protests, political drama, civil unrest and COVID 19. In no uncertain terms, organizations that choose to operate with transparency, authenticity, and intentionality during these times will be the ones recognized for spearheading sustainable change.
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Why is there limited capacity for a virtual event?
Organizations selected to attend this event will do so at no cost. As a result, a maximum of two team members per organization will be allowed to participate.
Where is the event taking place?
Due to the rising impact of COVID-19 we will be 100% virtual for this event. In the future, we will offer both hybrid and in-person events. Until then, we are safest completely online.
Why is this event free?
Your cost to be included in this event was sponsored by Healthier Neighbors and Be.Lead.Grow. As a recipient of this year’s mini-grant, your organization was identified as one that could make a major impact on the community.
How much would this event normally cost?
The cost of these events vary depending on the size and scope of the retreat. However, for this specific event your cost savings is $1,750 per employee thus $3,500 per organization.
How can we create this type of experience for our leadership team or our organization overall?
We would love to discuss how you can bring one of our Be.Lead.Grow. Experiences into your organization. To create a custom experience, we like to start with identifying your needs and how we can best support you. Schedule some time to speak with a member of our team at www.BeLeadGrow.com/scheduling
How can we create this type of experience for our leadership team or our organization overall?
What if I have a question that is not answered here? You can email us over at info@beleadgrow.com and our team will be happy to assist you.


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Angela Shuttlesworth MSW Ph. D
Known as the Corporate Healer, Dr. Angela Shuttlesworth utilizes her expertise in leadership, human behavior, and organizational development to help teams deliver exceptional results. As the Founder and CEO of Be Lead Grow, she and her team are committed to transforming organizations through intensive, introspective, and impactful workshops. These trainings allow teams to create a stronger culture rooted in connectivity and communication. Ultimately, her trainings improve organizational performance, individual engagement, and working relationships using a core, value-focused methodology. Today, more than ever, organizations need guidance and results driven expertise to help employees navigate sensitive discussions and lead them on a path toward goal achievement.
“Dr. Shuttlesworth has a unique gift to help you harness your power and influence without losing “who” you are. She taught me that my success was critical to being able to honor every phase of my journey. I was able to re-direct my thoughts, rediscover and nurture the leader in me and change behaviors that were no longer serving me on my new journey. “

-Tafeni English

Director – Southern Poverty Law Center
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