It’s Time For You To Show Up & Show Out As Your Best Self In ALL Areas Of Your Life!

Do you desire the power to create the life you desire and deserve?

Do you desire the tools and strategies to create impactful change as a leader?

Do you desire more?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these 3 questions, then chances are you are in the right place!


CHANGE requires participation from everyone; however, it must be

maintained through consistent and impactful leadership!

Be.Lead.Grow is an initiative of HEALTHY Villages, LLC and it serves as an answered prayer for Leaders who truly desire to be impactful in their work and personal lives. To meet this need we offer several forms of e-Consulting to meet your individual, group and organizational needs.

ALL of our services are unique in our empowerment based approach which honors the unique experience of each person. 

Currently, we are encouraging leaders to enter our 7 Weeks to Perfecting Your Life, Leadership & Legacy Coaching program which is outlined below. However, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding the needs of your group or organization. When you are ready to increase your profit, performance and power please email us  by CLICKING HERE and include convenient time that works for you!

Platinum (15 Available Slots)

This level investment is for the leader who is ready to admit they are tired of doing it all on their own. Although I am sure that you have a supportive network this is sure to be an exclusive community of professionals ready, able & willing to change life as they know it WITH YOU. They are ready to hear strategies from across the globe that work! They, like you, are ready to implement these strategies and plan for ongoing support in the future. They are ready to go beyond the norm of professional development to truly develop themselves personally and professionally by being able to ask for help AND receive it.

In addition to 7 laser-coaching group coaching calls this Diamond Level Leader is also provided access to a BONUS group celebration and strategy call. To also ensure your success I’ve included a 30-minute check in after Module 1. This added BONUS is huge as it provides personal 1:1 dedicated time that is JUST FOR YOU!

Black Diamond (15 Available Slots)

This is the ultimate package for the leader who is ready to dive in and do the heavy lifting. Similar to it’s name, Black Diamond Level Leaders are rare yet they, like you, are willing to invest at a level that provides support in a strategic, supportive and personalized manner.

Including all of the AWESOME items above this level includes 1:1 coaching to enhance the growth experience.  In addition, this level provides email access to DrAMS alongside the added bonus of Life-Time Access to the Be.Lead.Grow Coaching Program. This prize means that you will receive access to all updated materials in the future and ongoing access to the online community, which is indeed priceless.


MODULE 1 – Honor Your Journey

Release What Was, Accept What Is & Create What Will Be

By completing these proven steps you will easily be guided to a place of awareness. You will find out what hinders you, empowers you and silences you. TRUST, it is often times not what you think.

MODULE 2 – Establish Excellence As Your Norm

Go Beneath The Surface, Do the Heavy Lifting &

In this module you will answer the MAJOR questions that will enable you to discover and create the new or enhanced you. As you identify what you have in your skills and life toolbox, we will also identify what’s missing and what experiences you need to have to give you what you need. Hint Hint: There is a connection between your skills, behaviors and desires and our method is sure to bring it to the surface.

MODULE 3 – Advance Your Culture With Innovation

 In Order to Grow, You Have To Know… What Impacts You The Most?

Most leaders are so busy wearing hats and spinning plates that they rarely take the time to REALLY know what’s going on in their world. This module utilizes an easy systems mapping process to identify if and how you are showing up and showing out. During this time you will identify your comfort zone areas and strategically plan for creating the world you desire and deserve.

MODULE 4 – Planning and Leading With Vulnerability & Joy

Find & Redefine Leadership in a Way That Serves You

This module is dedicated to looking at your past, present and future as it relates to leadership. It’s not enough just to understanding leadership in the context of your current workplace! We are going to do some serious work identifying those leaders that have shaped your world and possibly hindered your process. Either way… they have a story to tell!

MODULE 5 – Thrive with Efficiency & Passion

Beyond Surviving, Choose to THRIVE

After using an easy systems mapping process we will review how you’ve defined leadership, power and influence in those who you value the most. We will then conduct a unique Leadership assessment and begin to redefine leadership in a way that enhances impact and fosters true engagement.

MODULE 6 – Hear With The Intention To Act

(Accepting and Maintaining Your Greatness)

In a fun and effective way you will engage in a three-part process to see if you are leading in the way that you imagine. Using interviews, reflection techniques and beginning the goal setting process you are sure to find the truth about your leadership.

MODULE 7 – Yield to The Awesomeness of YOU!

Knowing the Sky Is the Limit, Let’s Leap to the Orange Moon!

Knowing what you know now it is time to develop a strategy that will take you and your leadership where you desire to go. Empowered and prepared you are now READY to develop your plan that will take you to the next level as you BE your best self, LEAD in a way that is impactful and GROW with innovation on your own terms! Basically, it’s time to Show Up & Show Out in the workplace, at home and every place where they see your beautiful/handsome face!

Black Diamond Coaching

Regular Price: $3497
  • Moving from prepared to Equipped 101 3 – Part Series Pre-work
  • 7 BLG Strategy Packed Lessons
  • BLG Course Work: tools, Templates &  Activities
  • 7 Live Laser Group Coaching Calls (Recorded for Your Convenience)
  • 24 Hour Access to Online Community
  • 30 Minute Temperature Check-In Strategy Call
  • BONUS: 1 Post-BLG  Strategy & Celebration Call
  • Email Access to DrAMS
  • 5 Individual Coaching Calls
  • BONUS: 1 30-Min – 1:1 Strategy Call
  • BONUS: Life-Time Access to the BLG Coaching Program-