5 Day Powerful Leader Challenge



Are you desiring to discover what’s on the other side of fear? If so, this 5 Day Powerful Leader Challenge is for you.

For 5 consecutive days, you will receive access to 5+ hours of LIVE recordings, printable guides to assist you in processing the information and documenting your process.

Day 1 – HONOR YOUR TRUTH – Discover Your Truth, Discover Your Path, and Honor Your Path

Day 2 – CLARIFY YOUR NEEDS – Clarify Your Truth Holistically

Day 3 – REDEFINE YOUR LEADERSHIP STYLE – Non-Traditional Leadership Styles, Choosing and Maintaining The Style that Works for You

Day 4 – MAKE ROOM FOR GREATNESS – The Process of Making Room, Managing Your Feelings Along the Way, Make Room (People, Places & Things)

Day 5 – GIVE YOUR GREATNESS LIFE – Go Backwards to Go Forward, Declare It’s Worth, Decide Your How, Assemble Your Power Team, Choose to KNOW Fear, Choose to Plan and Leap

This program has given leaders clarity, redefined purpose and left them experiencing life in a new way! You can’t go wrong with this product. We look forward to hearing what you’ve discovered on the other side of fear after your amazing 5 Days of Power!

For additional information visit www.BeLeadGrow.com/PowerfulLeader


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