90 Days to Freedom ELITE (Download & 1:1) Online Coaching Program


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This program allows you to begin the journey of walking in your truth, and ultimate power. Focused on identifying your personal mission and vision, we will develop your personal strategic plan to design the life and leadership that you desire and deserve. Thereafter, we will develop a system to ensure your success is maintained.

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  • (5) – 60 minutes – 1:1 Sessions with DrAMS – Discuss the complexities of the week or specific needs completing a lesson. This time is tailored for you. 
  • Be.Lead.Grow. Leadership Retreat (West Palm Beach, FL) – Summer 2018 ($997 Value) – Cost to retreat is included and you will only have to pay for your flight, room and board.

Trainings & Modules

Introduction: Ensure Your Success
Module 1:  Making Room for Greatness
Module 2: Identify & Commit to B.I.G. Goal
Module 3: Develop Your Personal Strategic Plan
Module 4: Execute Your Plan With Confidence
Module 5: Achieve the Desires of Your Heart & Mind
Module 6: Prepare to Maintain Your Greatness
and Soar

For full description of program visit: www.BeLeadGrow.com/90DaysToFreedom


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